Genre-sort is a handy Python script that will move/copy mp3s based on their id3 genre tag.

  • Written in Python
  • Uses the eyeD3 library
  • Currently only works on mp3 but ogg vorbis and flac support is planned

    You can download it here.

    Please read the README file before running the script and edit the "mapping" file accordingly! Feel free to contact me tkorody at with any questions or comments you may have.


  • ./ /dir/to/files -p
    Will run in pretend mode and show you what the script plans to do.
  • ./ /dir/to/files -c
    Will make copies of the files in the correct directories and leave the originals behind.
  • ./ /dir/to/files
    Default behavior will move files to the correct directories and delete the originals. Logo

    Copyright Todd Korody 2007